Ляйсан Утяшева помогла сыну найти путь к сердцу девочки
TV presenter wants to be their kids best friend and Advisor.

Ляйсан Утяшева помогла сыну найти путь к сердцу девочки

Laysan Utiasheva

Photo: @liasanutiasheva (Instagram lyajsan Utyasheva)

Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya

Photo: Starface.ru

Laysan utiasheva, twice becoming a mother changed my priorities. Now the TV presenter admits that the most important thing in her life — children. Yesterday she was really happy when he helped his son Robert to solve a delicate problem. Star mom helped the boy, who in may will mark three years to make friends with a pretty girl.

“My dream is to be a good friend to her children, says Laysan. And it’s not so easy! Recently noticed that Rob because something is going through. It turned out he liked the girl, but he was too shy to approach and was very worried because of this. We talked, and I told him how to do it. All turned out! Very important to me, despite a working vanity, always share the anxiety of their babies and to take away their pain. It gives me a feeling of fullness of life.”

It is worth noting that Robert is very developed for her age. The kid is not only talking in their native language, but for four months studying English. Of course, classes are held in the form of a game.

We will remind, Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva married in September 2012, 12 years later after they met.

Their first son was born on may 14, 2013, in Miami, and two years later, may 5, 2015, utiasheva gave birth to a daughter Sophia — the same hospital where son was born. Birth Sophia Laysan and Paul said in their social networks. In personal microblogging they published a touching sharing photos and said that they had a daughter.

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