У Мадонны случился нервный срыв прямо на сцене

Different ambiguous behavior in the past while Madonna, again gave the fans and critics to talk about himself, however, in a negative way.

The singer, who for several months trying to settle family Affairs and to regain the respect and love of son Rocco, antics at his concerts only exacerbates the situation.

A new portion of shocking Madonna shared with their guests at a concert in Australia, where right on the stage cried, drank alcohol and were looking for the “love of one night”.

“Who cares? I’m looking for a new boyfriend! At least for one night. Actually you just need to continue to laugh, and then it will be not so painful,” Madonna shouted from the stage.

Judging by the eyewitness accounts of this action, in concert Mudge was already decently drunk, and during it all made it worse.

As it looked can be seen on the video from fans:

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