Sergey Lazarev grieving for elder brother

Сергей Лазарев скорбит по старшему брату

Birthday deceased elder brother Sergey Lazarev noted a touching message on Instagram. On his page in the microblog future participant of “Eurovision” have left the photo with his brother and signed: “Today my brother would have turned 38… Really miss Pavlich!(((((love and remember…”.

Relative Lazareva not began almost a year ago. Young, healthy and full of life man to the light sent is not a disease but a personal belief that becoming involved in a road accident a person can get away with a couple bruises and after he will not need medical care.

As written after Paul’s death, his death could have been prevented. Paul was still alive after the accident, but refused hospitalization. After a few days Lazarev-the senior feel unwell and still turned for help to doctors. Unfortunately, it was too late, and to save his life failed.

Paul left 11-year-old daughter Alina, in which her uncle doted.

Not so long ago Sergey has told that took the girl under his wing and tried to become if not a substitute father, at least the best friend and mentor.

As admitted Lazarev, he loves the niece and do everything possible for the girl in no need of: “What is given away. All the child has to grow smart, developed and studied well”.

It is worth noting that, apparently, Sergei was actually a good example for Alina, as in the choice of future profession she decided to follow in his footsteps.

Like uncle, Alina sees his future in show business. She acted in children’s ensemble, and until recently hid that is a relative of the singer.

“Don’t want her discriminated against”, — said Sergey.


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