Мадонна отметила свой день рождения на лошади
Party Gypsy style on the occasion of the 59 anniversary of the pop star rode in on a white horse named Leo.


Photo: @madonna/Instagram

Madonna once again confirmed its status as the most extravagant stars on the planet. The mother of six children now superextension gave a party in honor of his birthday. The 59th anniversary of the pop star said in the Italian province of Puglia along with their adopted children – son David and the twins that she adopted a year ago. In a green dress trimmed with lace and feathers Madonna literally drove to your party on a white horse named Leo.

During the evening the singer was endlessly doing a selfie and post in Instagram everything that happened. At some point, she decided to sing a couple of songs from your old album to also share it in Instagram. But… forgot the words to her own songs. However, this confusion does not bother her and she as if nothing had happened continued to party. And put out one single candle to as many as three birthday cakes!

Interestingly, of the six children (eldest daughter Lourdes Leon, son Rocco, and four adopted children from the African nation of Malawi, mercy Jane, David Gang, and four-year-old twins Stella and ester) at a birthday party attended only three. Gemini and markedly raised 11-year-old David. Rocco, meanwhile, a few days before mother’s holiday celebrated own birthday. In England in the family of his father, the famous Director guy Ritchie. Rocco gently congratulated Jackie Richie, the wife of the guy she’d cooked for him his favorite cake. Madonna was absent. She only congratulated the son with the 16th anniversary through social networks.

When you can’t remember the words to your own Song…..,..,,.,,,,,,???????????????????? Still a Happy Girl!

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