София Ротару восхитила снимками без макияжа The celebrity spent a few weeks in Italy. The seventh of August Sofia Rotaru celebrated the 70th anniversary. Whole family of the actress went on vacation to celebrate such an important date and enjoy the time with the closest people.

People’s artist of USSR Sofia Rotaru took a vacation near the closest people – son Ruslan, his wife Svetlana and two grandchildren – Sophie and Anatoly. On 7 August, a famous artist celebrated the anniversary – the 70th anniversary. Apparently, the native people of Sofia Mikhailovna arranged a surprise for her and took on holiday to Italy. They visited the island of Corsica, and on the emerald coast, which is a favorite place of the richest people in the world. They had a great time – enjoyed the beautiful weather, arranged the boat tour and scenic places.

Fans enthusiastically reviewed the pictures that appeared in the microblogs Rotaru and her family. They were impressed by the impeccable views of the actress – singer wore suits and dresses from flying tissues and did not pay much attention to the hairstyle and make-up. Mostly her eyes were closed large sunglasses, and her hair, she cleaned them up in a neat ponytail or left loose. Fans have noted that without makeup the actress looks great.

Fans with pleasure left enthusiastic comments the actress and complimented her appearance. They do not cease to rejoice in the fact that in 70 years Rotaru looks flawless. “Love you, eye love and joy looking at you! You are good-natured and lovely, you look so beautiful, charming, gorgeous, cool! Let you always will be so loved, young”, “You are beautiful! Love you!”, “Super role model! Health to you”, “Sofia Mikhailovna, you are very beautiful” – these signatures are accompanied by the followers of almost every publication of a celebrity.

Also fans say that the family of rotary can be called perfect. A celebrity often resting in the circle of the dearest people. Sofia Mikhailovna always thanked her admirers for the kind words in his address. She notes that the value of each, who makes the compliments. Grandchildren Sofia Rotaru spoke about her new hobby

“It’s important for me now to feel your support and love. It gives me strength, because ahead of us a lot of interest.” noted celebrity in the microblog.