Madonna bared buttocks because of politics

Мадонна обнажила ягодицы из-за политики

Flamboyant pop star told fans why he appeared on the Met Gala 2016 with Nude Breasts and buttocks.

In early may in new York held a Grand ball costume Institute Met Gala 2016. On the red carpet you could see a lot of crazy and even absurd outfits. However, the most blatant of them was the one that chose to release Madonna. In his microblog star explained the choice of such a set of debauched, the author of which, by the way, was made by the fashion house Givenchy.

57-year-old singer flashed at the ball, not just the bare buttocks, but Breasts, showing that she had nothing to hide from the public. The choice of attire, it appeared, was dictated by political beliefs and a desire to organize a protest.

“We struggled and continue to do for civil rights and gay rights around the world. Regarding women’s rights, we are still in the dark ages. My dress for the Met Gala was a political statement and a manifest fashion. The fact that people actually believe that a woman has no right to Express their sexuality and dress as they want after a certain age, it proves that we still live in Agatston and sexist society,” – said in a statement the stars.

“I was never limited in choice and not about to start. If you have a problem with the way I dress, it only reflects your inferiority. I’m not afraid to pave the way for all the girls who want to follow in my footsteps”, she added.

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