Made by Svetlana Loboda mistake became news of the week

Допущенная Светланой Лободой оплошность стала новостью недели
Discussing the sex of the baby singer.

Допущенная Светланой Лободой оплошность стала новостью недели

Svetlana Loboda with her daughter Eva

Photo: @lobodaofficial Instagram Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda, although it has a social network account, do not reveal details of his personal life. Pregnant singer announced only because he took a temporary break in the work, which has warned fans. The artist is fundamentally not disclose neither the name of his beloved, who will soon be a father, nor the gender of the baby. However, recently Svetlana inadvertently, it seems, has unveiled what awaits the birth of another girl.

In storys of his microblog Loboda has uploaded a touching video where her seven year old daughter Eva gently pressed against the round belly of the mother and sings “cover” for the song “Your eyes” with this text: “Your sister in her tummy!”

The video almost immediately was removed from the account by Svetlana, but fans had to see it and “spread the word” faggruppen of the performer. The media literally exploded with reports that the singer allegedly told the sex of the unborn child, although in fact the official statement from Loboda has not been received.

Svetlana Loboda showed a changed shape just before birth

Meanwhile, in the absence of a review of Svetlana about the father of the unborn child, fans looking for hints of his personality in photos of the singer. Recently, for example, in the Network appeared the picture of Loboda posed in a t-shirt with the album art Rammstein I thought was the confirmation of rumors about the paternity of till Lindemann.