New scandal around of johnny Depp

Новый скандал вокруг Джонни Деппа
The bodyguards of the actor dealt the final blow to his reputation.

Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp has become
the defendant in another action brought against the actor by his
private bodyguards. Eugene Arreola and Miguel
Sanchez, who worked on the movie for almost five years, sued the actor in
court. They accused johnny in flagrant violation of the contract and “being forced to work in
threat conditions.”

Says Arreola,
a police officer retired, Depp first hired him and Sanchez for their protection
still in 2013. Later, in 2016, when he still did not divorce amber heard, johnny made them members of the team, which was placed in his
the house and defended the actor in the clock. The problem was
what, according to Arreola, and Sanchez, they
had to do the work, it is not included in the list of their official
duties. “We often had to work as nursemaids when the son Depp, to protect johnny from hackers
and against it”.

As told Arreola,
they are, for example, is constantly accompanied by 54-year-old Depp in night clubs and had to take care of that johnny, nothing happened, because he had been in
such a state that I could not control myself. In one of such nights, actor
used some unnamed in the lawsuit “prohibited substance that left
the marks on his face” (apparently talking about cocaine). And they had
to remove compromising traces. And also to ensure that being “under
the influence of” Depp is not in trouble.

Further, according to the statement
bodyguards, they often had to do more work, drivers and
the time when they were driving in the car “, there were people in an unstable state”,
including the Depp, there was also a “prohibited substance”, which
brought them to this state.

And in this case, as indicated in
his claim, Arreola, and they still delayed wages, not paying for any hours,
waste in excess of the contract, no legitimate time for food and rest. And
the last time Depp and ceased to pay them. In the end, Arreola, and Sanchez was
forced to resign, and now demand that johnny gave them what they honestly
earned and compensated for moral damages for “work in improper