Любовь Успенская усердно пытается выдать дочь замуж The artist wishes happiness to Tatyana. According to Lyubov Uspenskaya, her successor is in no hurry to start a family. Yet Plaksina thinking about moving to Israel.
Любовь Успенская усердно пытается выдать дочь замуж

Daughter Lyubov Uspenskaya Tatiana Plaksina lives abroad. The star has admitted that really misses the baby. She gave birth to a daughter at age 35, although she spoke almost about infertility, so in the future try to give the successor all the best. As a rule, mother and daughter meet on vacation on one of the European resorts. Plaksina like living abroad, so moving back she thinks. Besides, the heiress of the actress is not planning to start a family soon.

“In Moscow it is still not want to come back. Of course, I miss her very much. Now we with Tatiana agreed that she will come to me on vacation in Spain, and then I go to her in Costa Rica. She, of course, with me very lucky. I said to her: “Tanya, when are you getting married?” And she says to me: “be a mom no I don’t want a husband!” – told Love on Tatiana.

Plaksina interested in the culture of Israel, and soon plans to move there. She wants to know this country, its roots. I do not interfere – let him make everything up to you” – told the assumption. The singer is no pressure on the girl, and rarely gives her advice about how to live. In their family there is mutual understanding.

Most love plate right now. It is engaged in the improvement of their homes. Soon it will have a large dressing room, where she will hold stage outfits.

“It will be huge – four hundred meters! Occupies the entire second floor! I change for a new wardrobe! I want to see when I came in the room gently turned off the light and began to sing birds! This, of course, the whim of the Queen, but I wish it was so! I about it have long dreamed of!” – recognized star.

The artist does not deny that the cost of repairs will be over one million rubles. “I’m don’t know exactly how many millions it would take. Everything is extremely expensive! But I don’t regret the money. Moreover, the team of Riga is very cool, I just had the best designers around the world – I’m very happy with them”, – said assumption of “Interlocutor”