DNA-test: ex-husband of Alice refuses Arshavina children

ДНК-тест: бывший муж Алисы Аршавиной отказывается от детей Businessman Alexey Kazmin special appeal to the center, which conducts such research. Alice Arshavin shocked by his behavior. According to her, such an act will have a negative impact on children.
ДНК-тест: бывший муж Алисы Аршавиной отказывается от детей

For six years Alice’s happily in a relationship with football player Andrey Arshavin. The athlete found a common language with her children from her first marriage with the President of a large the capital of the company PROMSTROI group Alexei kazeminy – 14-year-old Alex and Alice, in June it will be seven. But last week, the businessman suddenly decided to go to a private Moscow centre “DNA Heritage” to make a test to establish paternity.

“I was shocked when I found out that it required examination, – said Alice with “StarHit”. – In the head still does not fit. Does he not like them and not feel anything? 14 years we were together, 10 of them legally married. Yeah, I did, but I did not submit to the division of property and child support, he never asked nothing.
ДНК-тест: бывший муж Алисы Аршавиной отказывается от детей

He even gave the white piano, bought for the kids. Last six months of the former there was no hearing, nor spirit. Children is rarely seen, for reasons known only to him. Daughter – its exact copy, only blond, son, more like me. We even called them our names – Alex and Alice.”

Arshavin could not find the words to explain to the heirs of the behavior of a native Pope. So I asked KAZ’mina to do it myself.

“Now we wait, when he calls he continues Alice. – Sorry son, upset… little Daughter didn’t understand. But why do children have something to prove? It does not help them and even won’t let, on neutral territory. Quite possibly, he wants to make a fake examination and to be discharged from the apartment on Krestovsky island. And the test costs a lot of money – he is not sorry. Better the gifts the children bought!”.

Now my son and daughter live together with Alice and Andrew Archivename, helping parents to babysit younger sister Esanu – she just turned a year old.

“Alice calls dad of Andrew, but the boy is very attached to his father, and loves and respects, – sighs the woman. It will be a blow, unfair and cruel”.