Любовь Толкалина отдала дочь в британскую школу
Maria Konchalovsky will improve your English and study the history of England.

Lyubov Tolkalina with daughter Maria Mikhalkov

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Lyubov Tolkalina, which is always
was concerned that her daughter Maria Mikhalkov was educated and broad-minded, for the summer
decided to give the girl a language school in England, in the town of Canterbury. The actress had previously prepared all the documents and, when the time came, together with Masha
went to the UK.

“How difficult it is to let children! — shared the star once
after 16-year-old Maria (by the way, this is the minimum age to take
in the selected Tolkalina school — ed.) is happily settled in the dormitory of a prestigious institution. —
They brought the girl-blueberry to learn under the walls of the Maternal abode all
The Anglican Church! Well, she was here alone without my mother’s pancakes and scented
clean linen I think. To calm started to read “the Canterbury tales”.

Masha learns that the star mom of not wasting any time. At
the long tradition of Love visits memorable places in his beloved London. In every city and country, the actress, first and foremost, interested in museums. “I
played Queen Anne of England, which stopped the hundred years war with France, —
recalls Love. The play was written by a French Scribe and, of course, in French
about how the world is ruled by cowards. The show closed a long time ago, but not forgotten. And every
my visit to London I will definitely visit the room where the Queen had a fight with
great-grandmother of Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough. The Windows of this room in the right wing,
the third and fourth from the right on the second floor. Here on the other side lives
the family of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which soon could become the new Queen of Britain! The dome of the chapel is visible on the roof. The Confessor
the Royal family father Anthony of Sourozh, wisdom and kindness which I in
comfort probably visited here. Who and what did not happen! And now here I am. Bug. Drink tea with jam
and fruit scone (English cake tea — ed.).

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