Люксовое свинство: 16 модных вещей для встречи китайского Нового года

Chinese market — a tidbit for fashion brands. And it’s not just a huge number of people — among Chinese youth in recent years has been steadily growing interest in luxury things. It is not surprising that Chinese New year has become an important date in the fashion industry, to which many are preparing special collections.

To fight, indeed, have something. So, popular Chinese inlufence Tao Liang, better known as Mr.Bag — the purse his passion has long been to accept many luxury brands. Brands such as Fendi, Chloe, Dior, TOD’s, attracted blogger to work on collaborations, in order to win the attention of buyers in the Chinese market. In June last year, Liang was sold for six minutes handbags TOD’s in excess of 3.2 million yuan (about $ 500,000). A year earlier on the page of the blogger snapped up bags from Givenchy for 12 minutes. This year Mr.Bag was marked by the collaboration with Longchamp, which, presumably, will have the same success.

However, not everyone is able to easily jump over the Chinese wall. Trying to please local buyers, some brands have just the opposite reaction. So, in a racist scandal was involved, Dolce&Gabbana, and Burberry did not please the local audience with his perspective on the Chinese tradition.

Nevertheless the brands do not give up, again and again storming the Chinese consumer. So, Gucci was dedicated to the symbol of the new year not only accessories, but also the advertising campaign, adding the cute pigs to models. Dior decided to be finessed and has released a collection inspired by Chinese embroidery and porcelain.

We invite you to see how the designers have integrated the snout and hooves in their fashion creations.




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Cool, I’d like similar!Looks good, but I would not wear, stileto awful!

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