Lover Yegor Konchalovsky gave him a child

Возлюбленная Егора Кончаловского подарила ему ребенка Maria Leonova gave birth to a baby in early April. The happy couple have already picked out a name for a boy – a son named Timur. Yegor Konchalovsky moved not so long ago the darling of elegant country mansion.

      Возлюбленная Егора Кончаловского подарила ему ребенка

      Not so long ago it became known that the Director Egor Konchalovsky broke up with civil wife Love Tolkalina. Now a man in a relationship with a new lover.His fiancee Maria Leonova gave the filmmakers son. The happy parents even chose a name for the newborn. They called the boy Timur. As it became known “StarHit”, the boy was born on the second of April in one of the capital’s maternity hospitals.

      Возлюбленная Егора Кончаловского подарила ему ребенка

      At the end of March Yegor Konchalovsky has unveiled his darling in one of the TV programs. He admitted that very happy in a new relationship. The Director told me that Maria is far from the world of show business. A young woman successfully employed as a lawyer. Thanks to the work, she met Konchalovsky.

      “She’s not an actress, and a lawyer. About me – young. Name is Maria, as the daughter, – the man told about the beloved. – We met in court. She protected me, and that I like it.”

      Now the Director brought Mary into his large country house. Apparently, Leonov was able to establish a great relationship with my mom Konchalovsky, Natalia Arinbasarova, who also lives in a luxurious mansion. The man admitted that he began the construction of the cottage, when he shared a daughter with Love Tolkalina Masha was very young. However, the civilian spouse does not support the idea to move outside the city. She liked city life. It became a point of contention between Konchalovsky and Tolkalina. Now the ex-lovers did not have any claims against each other – each of them lives its own life.

      “I don’t like arguing with me. I am one of those men who believe that he is the main. And I had papers to prove any of this, – said Yegor Konchalovsky. We were arguing a lot over nothing. It’s also exhausting. In the end, I went to live in the city. We all parted slowly, and further, and wanted a natural way to reach it, and then make a joint statement, easy, without any strain or tension, that we broke up. Now each of us, me and Lyuba, lives his personal life.”