Maria, Carey left young boyfriend

Мерайя Кери бросила молодого бойфренда

American pop diva, Maria Carey, who until recently was going to marry her young lover choreographer Bryan Tanaka, left him. The reason for the breakup was his zeal and wildness.

According to the publication TMZ, citing reliable sources close to the artist, Brian began to roll her jealousy. He didn’t like sharing the attention of Marii with her children and ex-husband Nick Cannon, with whom she remained on excellent terms after the divorce.
Tanaka just infuriated family trip Merii and nick with the children, their dinners and even trips Carey and cannon to parties without children. Allegedly in retaliation sweetheart Brian specially to flirt with women in the field of view of the singer, for which he was sent to hell.
Their relationship deteriorated completely during the ceremony Kids’ Choice Awards, where Maria and Nick went with her daughter and son. Brian told the star about her disrespect to him and demanded that she immediately return home. Maria not used to men commanded her, especially if she pays for all their expensive purchases of the type of brand clothes or jewelry. Under their horses Tanaka novel, Keri began to suspect that he just wants her fame and her money, which he enthusiastically spent for themselves. The young people met about five months, and now, Maria understand what for so long was telling her friends.