Love Zaitsev once again experiencing your strength

Любовь Зайцева снова испытывает себя на прочность
The star of the show “Without insurance” plays in football.

Lyubov Zaitseva

Photo: Tatiana Pustynnikova

One of the brightest members of extreme show
The first channel “Without insurance” does not cease to surprise fans. They know
Lyuba Zaitseva as “athlete, Komsomol and simply beauty” capable of
a lot, but that actress is fond of still and football, could not even imagine! Recently
Love plays for a women’s team called “Amazon”.

“It’s an Amateur League. We’re all not professionals, —
told Zaitseva I personally know about football only names a few
teams and the name Messi, but to try to play wildly interesting. When did
the offer without a moment’s thought. After the show “Without insurance” I have nothing to fear. All the rules will learn,
tackles review. The main thing is to start and train!”

that in all that relates to sports, Love Zaitseva — girl words and deeds.
This winter, for example, it announced its desire to learn how to ski, and
after a few days stood on the slope.

“My husband is an avid lover of skiing and downs, told
then the actress. — We are not the first year I go to France. I’m still learning, but I
my energy is really like. However, sometimes scary sometimes. I recently
first came to the cloud: it’s all a blur, a meter can not see anything. Well,
next was the instructor; otherwise, do not know what I would do. We blindly went down with
the mountains in this milk. One I would probably spent the night on top, so would
sat there still”.

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