Агата Муцениеце растит из сына чемпиона Actress encourages Timothy passion for football. Agatha muceniece has not been able to find the right sports school for boy. The actress is happy that the child is now a pleasure to attend training.

      Агата Муцениеце растит из сына чемпиона

      Popular actress Agatha muceniece in early March became a mother for the second time. The actress gave her husband Paul Priluchny daughter MIA. The difference in age between the eldest and the youngest child is three years. Despite the fact that now almost all the attention a young mother takes newborn daughter, the actress also devotes time and three-year-old son Timothy. Boy enjoys football, and the actress hopes that it will have a great sporting future.

      Moreover, Agatha has not been able to find a suitable school, where the boy could deal with a good coach. Muceniece glad were still able to find a suitable option for his successor.

      “And my starenkim, (Oh God, still can’t believe that he now eldest) still searching for a good football school, tried a few, and then, finally, Shazam)! A good and professional approach, Timon finally was just fascinated by the process, and I laughed heartily, when a team of gorshechnikov played against coach! We will walk!” – shared his impressions Agatha in the microblog.

      By the way, the fans supported the desire of the actress from an early age to give a child in the sports section. “Mommy is proud of Sonny and it’s cool. Good luck and good luck to the kid. Looks cool with the ball”, “it is Important that Timoska like it there, then the result will be!”, “It will be a good football player,” concluded subscribers.

      Despite the fact that young parents love their children, they still plan to break from the heirs. So, Agatha and Paul are going to arrange a vacation and go on trips just the two of us. “All it is and all it should be. Otherwise you can go crazy, said muceniece. – I think, without such breaks nothing will. Because life, no matter how beautiful it may be, still boring. Mom and dad should stay together, even if they have the best and most obedient children in the world. And if you have the opportunity to go away together at least three days to use it, it’s great”.

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