Michael Fassbender has admitted that he has no luck with girls

Майкл Фассбендер признался, что ему не везет с девушками
The actor said, why still can not marry.

Michael Fassbender

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About Michael Fassbender in Hollywood there are strange rumors:
like, he can with one look woman in love, and generally terrible
womanizer. But at the same time, twice nominated for “Oscar” manages to do without scandals and compromising publications and pictures in the press.
(More or less known novels about the actor and his partner on the film “Shame” Nicole
Beare, with actress Zoe Kravitz and Olympic heptathlon champion Louise
Hazel. — Approx. ed.).

Despite the reputation of Casanova, the Fassbender recently admitted that he is most upset that he did not manage to achieve personal happiness.

“Longest relationship I had lasted only two years… I
not so easy to find a friend genuinely like exactly what I’m on
yourself. And not my status in Hollywood, was facing Michael. — I would have wanted a permanent relationship, a family, but still does not work. But I don’t give up! Although I still have quite a bit of free
time. Including for appointments. But now it has become easier to make friends and
girlfriends. You know what I mean? Ever since I gained popularity and fame,
for some reason it became all very interesting. Especially girls. They are willing to listen
any nonsense that I carry. And five years ago and minutes wouldn’t last”.

The actor admits that he doesn’t lose hope and continues to search for his soul mate. His romance with actress Alicia
Vikander, a rising 27-year-old star of the new generation, Michael has not commented.
But at a recent award ceremony “Oscar”, for which they were nominated
(Vikander for her role in “Girl from Denmark” and Fassbender for “Steve
Jobs”), Fassbender let myself at all chaste kiss to Alicia in
the cheek — when the victory went to her. Actress and dad called Michael “boyfriend
daughter”, when the journalists tried using “father” to confirm the status of these
relations. So it is not excluded that soon the actor will make a different statement about his personal life…

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