История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение Young people marry on July 27. A Grand ceremony which will be attended by celebrities, will be one of the most talked about events this summer. “StarHit” remembered as the successor of the famous family and his fiancee went to his happiness.
История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение

On 27 July, 26-year-old Nikita Presnyakov and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Alena Krasnova, legalize their relationship. Wedding the young people will take place at the suburban country club, and among the guests of the celebration will be a celebrity. The lovers can’t wait for the moment when you exchange vows, to the delight of many fans. However, Nikita and Alena are not always all was smooth – they have experienced a number of serious challenges, and even nearly broke up. “StarHit” remembered love story of one of the most talked-about newlyweds of the summer.

Nikita Presnyakov and Alain Krasnov has created a fragrance of love to the wedding


Before you enter into a relationship with Alena Krasnova, Nikita Presnyakov long time met with Aida Potassium, whom he met in new York. The inhabitant of Kazakhstan and did not know that cute red-haired guy is the son of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov. By the way, dad was the first person Nikita presented beloved. He welcomed the choice of the heir, the same as Alla.

Nikita Presnyakov and his girlfriend talked about the romance and wedding

During a joint holiday in Dubai Nikita did the second half of the proposal, and she gladly accepted it. Wedding have decided to play six months later. However, in March 2014 it became known that the lovers have separated, but remain friends. Native Presnyakov were sympathetic to what happened.

“Nikita and Aida to build relationships, but failed to build. They have remained friends. I think this is the main achievement in their lives,” – said Alla Pugacheva.
История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение

Several months after breaking up with Potassium Presnyakov found a new love. In June of the same year, a young man posted on his page in social networks joint photo with a pretty girl that kissed him on the cheek. Reporters learned that the companion of the musician – charming Alain Krasnov, his old friend and neighbor at the cottage. The blonde’s father was a wealthy businessman who did not want publicity. At the beginning of the novel with Nikita, the girl was 17 years old, and she was going to go to grade 11.

According to Alena, her parent did not feel much joy, learning about the passion of daughter. The man liked the fact that the chosen Krasnova older than her. Nikita in that period also had hard times he was hounded on social networks for the passion of a schoolgirl, and also criticized the fact that he quickly forgot Hades, which met for several years. However, she Kaliyeva has made it clear that no mutual grievances cannot go and speeches.

Became known the details of the breakup Nikita Presnyakov and his bride

История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение“It’s nice to know that we were an example, but it happens. Guys, thank you for your support! But what makes you think that I am suffering?..” – admitted ex-lover Nikita.
История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение


The opinions of others did not prevent Nikita and Alena have a wonderful time, enjoying each other’s company. Young people even went on holiday to Bulgaria and has posted touching pictures. And in September Presnyakov introduced Krasnov with his mother to demonstrate the seriousness of their intentions.

Kristina Orbakaite approved the choice of his son and invited a couple at the premiere of “the Mystery of the four princesses,” in which she played the role of Queen. Since Krasnov and Presnyakov started to go out, never ceasing to show others the idyll that prevailed between them. So, in November of lovers seen at the screening of the film “Corporate”. Other people gossiping that aspiring musician passionate about is not a joke. All night he spent without leaving Alena and was constantly holding her hand. She reciprocated the attentions from the young man.

On the occasion of six months of a romantic relationship with a beloved Nikita decided to prepare her a surprise. The young man laid out in Instagram video, which consisted of touching the frame with the second half.

“Hurrah! Six months together. I’ve fall-fall-fall in love with you” – with these words the representative of the famous family turned to Krasnova.

Of course, Nikita had also submitted soulmate father. Vladimir Presnyakov were extremely positive about Alena. Artist Krasnov called “our man”. According to the pop stars, she was struck by his manners and intelligence. So Vladimir did not repair any obstacles son and his fiancee.


That all changed in early 2015. Followers of Nikita, accustomed to his love status and cute photo with Alena, was very surprised when the musician announced a serious relationship with a girl. Apparently, the relationship problems of young people began in anticipation of the holidays – New year and Christmas they met separately from each other.

During the conversation with journalists Presnyakov said that the initiator of parting became his fiancee. As argued by Didier, Alain admitted that he didn’t want to torture her boyfriend, because is not experiencing feelings for him.

История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение

A few weeks later the representative of the famous names attributed to the fascination with make-up artist, Lydia. The young people spent a lot of time together – watched movies, had dinner in the Metropolitan institutions, and met with friends. Attraction, however, Nikita was fleeting, and after some amount of time fans Alena began to rejoice. Young people suddenly became friendly again, which was confirmed by the joint frames in social networks. Presnyakov and Krasnov was given to understand that between them is not yet over.

The concert Nikita, held in one of the capital clubs, he never took his eyes off of Alena and even dedicated a song to her. His chosen Presnyakov called “favorite blonde, it is true, dummy.” The harmony that prevailed among the young people, left no doubt that they are still together.


At the festival “New wave” in Sochi Nikita Presnyakov confirmed that he was able to resume relations with Alena Krasnova. The girl musician was accompanied by his behind the scenes activities. The young people looked very happy.

“I have already decided. We meet Alena for more than a year, and we are fine”, – said Nikita.
История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение

Many journalists have concluded that between lovers there is a complete understanding. They also suggested that the relationship of Alena and Nikita to stay. In this regard, some with bated breath, began to wait for the announcement of the engagement pair.

It should be noted that relatives of Nikita Presnyakov never pushed him with the wedding. They are always with great respect to the decisions of a young man and did not put any obstacles to the implementation of any plans. So close to the heir of the famous family didn’t annoy him with questions about a possible wedding ceremony, giving him the chance to decide on it myself.

At the end of 2014, the participants of “Battle of psychics” Baba Katya said that Nikita Presnyakov, most likely, will make a proposal of marriage to his second half. Discussion on the possible engagement of young people intensified on the background information that friends musician, including Alla Pugacheva, was familiar with Alyona Krasnova personally. However, the girl herself was in no hurry to make plans for further joint life with her boyfriend.

“Nothing to look forward too. We have a lot in common. Tastes the same. But make before,” she confessed.
История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение

After some time, Krasnov suspected in an interesting position. By the way, the mother of Nikita Presnyakov in the program “Alone with all”, said that has nothing against grandchildren. “Will Kristina Orbakaite grandmother? Yes, please,” said the famous singer.

In the end, in one of the publications reported data on pregnancy Alena that journalists were declassified ostensibly one of her friends. In an interview with “StarHit” the one Presnyakov denied such speculation.

История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение“I don’t know what people are thinking when they write these articles, we will understand. What a wedding and a pregnancy?! Where did this all come from? Believe me, if it’s a wedding, you will learn about it from us,” said Krasnov.

In October of last year, Alla told reporters that he did not hear a luxurious mansion, located in the Small village of Berezhki. Nikita Presnyakov and Alain Krasnov chosen often was seen in a gorgeous garden. Young people invited friends and arrange a fun party. “Nikita here constantly. And a lot of cars, a Parking spot,” – said a local resident correspondents of NTV.

Alla Pugacheva about the wedding of his grandson: “Alain would be a good wife”


Cartoon presenting “Kryaknuty vacation”, in which he voiced one of the characters, Nikita uttered a phrase that can not do without the second half. Words Presnyakov provoked rumors about the forthcoming wedding.

Only a year later, the young man proposing to a beloved. The musician decided to organize an unforgettable evening that Alain would remember for a lifetime. For this touching moment, Nikita found a very special date. Birthday Krasnova Presnyakov got down on one knee and presented her with the coveted box with a ring. Witnesses to the engagement have become numerous friends Nikita and Alena. They supported rocker with thunderous applause and wishing love happiness.

“Happy belated birthday (March 8), my love! PS Soon my first episode vloga, and the second issue was one of the most important moments in my life,” wrote Nikita in the microblog.

Later Presnyakov told “StarHit” details of the upcoming celebration which promises to be one of the most ambitious and talked-about events this summer. The young man said a specific date and lifted the veil of secrecy on the preparation of the Grand celebration. Wedding planner: morning Alena Krasnova and Nikita Presnyakov

История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение“We are pleased to announce that it will be on July 27 of this year, – has told “StarHit” Nikita Presnyakov. – Beautiful date – 27.07.17. Will only our close friends and relatives. All guests will be about 200 people. Recently, we have started to send out invitations – save the date. With the organization of celebrations helps us mom. Wedding want to have a nature – still summer, with a field recording and unusual scenario. Want to surprise everyone. But before doing this be sure to be a Bridal shower and a bachelor party – let’s have fun”.

At the event, which will take place this Thursday, will be extremely intense program. Guests of Nikita and Alyona will be able to enjoy in special areas, where the bartender will show and even molecular gastronomy. Your special gift of love prepares the pastry chef Renat Agzamov, who will present a cooking cake is a masterpiece. For the music at the ceremony will meet many famous artists, including “Nerves”, “Marseille” and Kristina si.

История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение
История любви Никиты Преснякова и Алены Красновой: травля, ссоры и счастливое воссоединение