Суррогатная мама ребенка Ким Кардашьян и Каньэ Веста на третьем месяце беременности

The surrogate mother of popular child models Kim Kardashian and eccentric artist Kanye Vesta on the third month of pregnancy. If you believe the source of “Mirror”, then the replenishment of the family of the West can expect in January 2018.

Суррогатная мама ребенка Ким Кардашьян и Каньэ Веста на третьем месяце беременности

After the birth of two wonderful kids, four-year and one-year North St., doctor of the models reported that the pregnancy with third child can carry a large risk to the health of Kim. This risk is possible due to the fact that during the last pregnancy, Kardashian suffered from adherent placenta. “My doctor had to shove your whole arm in me and vinati the placenta, tearing her from my womb with their nails. How disgusting and painful!!!” Kardashian told its readers in a personal blog about the birth of his first child. As she says to Kim, this problem is faced only 5 percent of women. “My mom cried. She had not seen anything like this before. My birth was surprisingly easy, but the birth of my second child it was the most painful in my life — the Doctors did a second epidural, but it was a race against time, so I had just put up.”

Painful events in her life did not stop the famous model want another child in the family and so Kim decided to hire a surrogate mother that it makes. “Kim and Kanye use the services of a surrogate mother to bear their child. They are both very excited to give their children a little brother or sister” according to the source “People”.

Kim Kardashian always openly declared their desire to acquire a large family. As reported by the model in the Ellen DeGeneres far in 2014, “I Have many siblings and I love that they are my best friends and I’d like this to their own children.” In June, the young 36-year-old Kim and her husband Kanye began their search for a worthy surrogate mother and ultimately, the quest to succeed. The surrogate mother, almost 30, and she lives in Los Angeles.

According to the information portal “TMZ” for the services of a celebrity couple will pay $ 113,850. 68 thousand out of this amount, the mother will be transferred immediately, and the rest day shall be paid monthly to 5 thousand every month for the entire pregnancy. If you find the presence of another child in the womb of a surrogate mother, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye will have to pay another 5 thousand for each child. During pregnancy may cause damage to health, which couple will pay another 4 thousand