Love Nastasya Samburski was under threat

Любовь Настасьи Самбурской оказалась под угрозой In his microblog actress posted a photo of sketch tattoo, which she was going to “fill” his hand. However, subscribers are negatively perceived the stars and attacked her with accusations, arguing that the inscription on the body characterizes her best.

      On his page in Instagram Nastasya Samburski posted a picture, which, to the surprise of the artist, caused an unequivocal reaction of her fans. She told followers that want to get a tattoo that says “I love you” in English, which was conceived to be crossed out, and below is corrected to “I love myself”. Desire star thus to perpetuate these words became the reason of disputes among users of the Network. Many subscribers accused Samburski selfishness and called samoupravlenii. In their opinion, such labels have no place on her arm. They believe that this phrase laid the experiences of a celebrity.

      The subscribers are confident that Samburski problems in his personal life, which she tries to hide behind the tattoo. They believe that such an act expresses her contemptuous attitude towards other people and montetriana on myself. Someone hinted that after a while she will regret, so better not go on such desperate step. Many followers decided that at a more Mature age such things are unacceptable, especially when that appears heirs. It came to the point that some commentators have expressed doubt about the desire of the actress even to start a family.

      Nastasya Samburski boasted a piquant part of the body

      “Why are you doing this? What are you trying to prove?”, “I don’t understand Samburski! It would be better private life was engaged, not a tattoo!”, “There are no words! This is a direct confirmation of selfishness! Not ashamed?”, “That desperate men that went over the edge?”, – expressed the indignation of the followers of a celebrity.

      Initially, when wylegala Samburski, she accompanied it with a short caption about that soon in place of the sketch is a real tattoo. After she read the comments, the star was unable to control himself and decided to answer to Express their opinion. She began to convince the audience that she not put any double meaning in this inscription. The personal life of the actress, according to her, working great and no need for it to survive.

      “Yes, there is in this tattoo hidden meaning! Do not suffer me! Hurts my soul and resentment on anyone, no! I live, work, and enjoy life as before intolerant of idiots and other mischief, trying to diagnose me. It’s just a tattoo,” – wrote in his microblog celebrity.

      She also noted that in adulthood, this inscription it is completely confusing, because no plans because she has no plans to show it. After the statement nastasi someone has continued to convince the girl real stardom and delusions of grandeur, otherwise than according to commentators, is explained by the craving for this kind of captures.

      It should be noted that not all were against tattoos Samburski. Many followers supported her, stating that you do not need to respond to negative comments, because they in any case will not affect her decision. Fans advised your pet to continue to live as she sees fit. The inscription, in their opinion, represents an important principle of life, who in varying degrees should follow each girl. Some were of the opinion that without love for yourself you cannot win the favor of another person, therefore, the position of the artist clear and understandable to them. Someone asked the star not to get a tattoo and not cover them all over his body.

      “In my opinion, unusual and neat tattoo, keep it, Nastasya!”, “I know exactly what the meaning of this is. Perhaps even positive. For example, all the girls in the first place, you need to love yourself to cause the second half and the respect of others”, “What you all need? As if it is the sleeve scored, not two sentences!”, – supported users on the Network actress.