Daring haircut Tata Bondarchuk became the subject of discussion in the Network

Дерзкая стрижка Таты Бондарчук стала предметом обсуждения в Сети In his microblog girl has published photos, which caused surprise among her fans. Netizens could not help but note that in the exterior of the celebrities have undergone dramatic changes. Most subscribers like the new image.

      Tata Bondarchuk decided to change the image. The followers were used to seeing her with longer hair. This time she chose to shorten the usual length, which aroused heated discussion online. Fans even did not expect that Tata will decide to make a new haircut. However, to the delight Bondarchuk, they appreciated her experiment and said that the daughter of the famous Director looks much better than before.

      Subscribers began to praise the new image of the mother of two children. Many commentators have noticed that it seems now even more attractive, because in this way she was able to emphasize its strengths. The followers said that the beauty of the eldest heiress of the President of Federation of wrestling of Russia Mikhail Mamiashvili was inspired by, but wrote that the most important is the internal energy, through which Tata always manages to look great.

      Tata Bondarchuk mastered a new profession

      “Charming!”, “Very beautiful, stay always so!”, “Incredible! New!”, “Well, just fly away!”, “Feminine Tata!”, “Creative, very good! Emotional haircut!Light and playful style,” – wrote members of Tata in Instagram.

      Netizens were unanimous in the opinion that this haircut emphasizes the fragile and delicate nature of the star. Someone thought that all manner of Tats has become much more complete and concise, and she radiates an incredible energy is contagious and his charisma. Many admitted that before the celebrity was irresistible, but now she added in posledniy appearance of individuality. Some followers advised her not to regret about lost hair, because, ultimately, the reality has surpassed all expectations. The subscribers are confident that with such natural data, no hairdo and haircut can not ruin what is already there. Tata, in their view, serves as a model for imitation and serves as inspiration for many people.

      It should be noted that Tata has managed to Shine in a new way at the Tatler ball. She admitted she decided on a change for the sake of younger sister Lisa, who, it is worth Recalling, like other girls, debutante of the evening. Some members compared the older heiress Mamiashvili with the Russian actress Elena Armin van Buuren. It is obvious that she is happy with the incident changes and are happy to accept compliments on social networks and real life. Despite the fact that even among fans there were those who called for the return of preduduschego image, celebrity, most likely, is not going to in the near future to change something.

      “Great! And do not spare! My grandmother always said, not your teeth – grow back! You go, and change is always cool!” “When these fine features fits all, gorgeous!”, “You are beautiful, any, with makeup and without, with long and short hair!”, – said in a microblog followers Bondarchuk.