Любви все возрасты покорны

Любви все возрасты покорны

Age is just a number for these couples… Dane cook and Kelsey Taylor, and David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts

Dane cook and Kelsey Taylor
47-year-old cook and his 20-year-old girlfriend, singer Kelsey Taylor, quietly Dating for over two years and regularly share pictures couples
in their respective Instagram accounts. “My girl @itskelsitaylor is one of my most favorite people on the planet. It
a talented singer, but more importantly, she is a real person. Check out her music and discover her. She will go far!” Cook
signed photograph of the pair in April 2017, to support her meteoric music career.

To celebrate their two year anniversary in may 2019, Cooke published an emotional tribute to their love. “When I met Kelsey, I
had no idea that Dating your best friend, ‘ he said. “I’ve never felt so loved, and I’ve never been in
able to give so much love that I can with her. … I’m happier in my life and career than ever before. Still support and love the most
large.” On the anniversary in may 2019 Cooke published emotional words of his love.
Age difference: 26 years

David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts
Former star of “Baywatch”, 67-year-old Hasselhoff has tied the knot with 38-year-old fiancée Hayley Roberts in Italy in July 2018.
TV star reportedly invited his daughters: 29-year-old Taylor-Ann Jennice and 26-year-old Hayley amber, in the southern region of Puglia, in a small ceremony among close friends and family, seven years later after a Welsh model Roberts, 38, was first fascinated 67-year-old actor in a hotel in 2011. At the time, Roberts turned to Hasselhoff for an autograph, and he agreed on the condition that she will give him your number. Five years later, the pair was already engaged.
Age difference: 28 years

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