На Эмили Ратаковски подали в суд за фотографию в Инстаграме

На Эмили Ратаковски подали в суд за фотографию в Инстаграме

28-year-old supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has recently posted on his page in Instagram photo, on which it now regrets. The fact that the paparazzi Robert Neal, who documented the model did not give its permission to the actions of the girls and now requires it of 150 thousand dollars.

Professional photographer Robert Neal filed a lawsuit in the court of Emily, in which she explained that she violates the copyright law. She put on display a photo that was made by Neal without his written permission, and not even mentioned it on publication. Robert appreciated the personal moral damage is 150 thousand US dollars. And also, Ratajkowski is obliged to provide to the court information about what amount of money she received from the publication of the photos, and to return all profits the Nile.

The most interesting thing in this case is that the model exhibited a photo in the profile itself the page, and Stories. Since it’s been 24 hours, and this means that the publication is gone. That is, direct evidence about the actions of Emily Robert no.

However, the photographer knows a lot about such proceedings, as he participated in them have no time, and with benefit in his direction. Neal loves taking pictures of celebrities in the right angles, and then catch them on the illegal use of cadres. This happened with Gigi Hadid. In the lawsuit, it said: “Gigi Hadid does not have and has never had a license or other legal permission for reproduction, distribution or public display of pictures taken by Robert Neal”.

What is the outcome of this trial, we learn a little later. And all the rest suggest to observe the copyrights of photographers and not only not to fall by chance in such a ridiculous situation.

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