Лора Резникова отправилась на разведку в стрип-клуб
“I set myself one goal, and achieved absolutely another”, — was forced to recognize the actress.

Photo: from the personal archives of Laura Reznikova

In the life of Laura from time to time there are incredible events that she not only planned, but had no idea that they can happen. And the more it was impossible to predict the consequences of certain decisions. For example, with all the love to dance it is not
assumed that it may be interested in pole dance. But just one day the actress came to engage in a dance school and found
her teacher was on vacation. “I forgot to warn you — says
Reznikova. And since I came, suggested a change: a lesson in pylon. I’m shy,
but out of curiosity I finally did. And stayed there for five years!” And, of course, the actress couldn’t imagine that her hobby will come in handy in the movie: the creators of the series “Witnesses” to specifically for Laura’s character, the psychologist of the investigation Department, came up with a plot twist: she gets in a strip club to get valuable information…

Another time,
starting to do a project where Laura was the scene in swimsuit actress decided to lose some weight, because the camera look fat… On the advice of her friends sat on energy
cocktails. “Maybe they work when a person needs
to drop a lot of pounds. And I have two weeks did not leave a single one!
But suddenly found that my skin was absolutely
chic – a dense, beautiful, resilient. Probably due to the vitamins in the composition
cocktails. That is, putting one goal, I’ve reached another.”

The most amazing
the event, which the actress says, happened to her, when in the process
training son to study English in College, she met a lady-teacher,
hobby which was Ayurvedic practices. She invited the actress
join her friends and go to the Indian clinic health and beauty. “I
was curious, I agreed. For the first time in my life I was put on the
a strict diet, which allowed to cleanse the body, and then left the extra weight
and changed my taste preferences. For example, I stopped eating meat, it seems
I taste good…”

Surpassing the 40-year milestone, actress, TV presenter and
the writer has managed to keep her girlish figure: the growth of 165 cm and she weighs 52 kg and is going to lose another
three. About her beauty secrets Lora Reznikov says here.