Звезда «Мажора» Карина Разумовская вернулась к своей первой любви
As it turned out, with my favorite actress I met when I was a seventh-grader.

Photo: Andrew Fedechko

Karina Razumovskaya admitted that the path to personal happiness she was quite thorny.

“Egor familiar with the seventh grade, told the star of the series “Major”.
First studied in parallel classes, and in the tenth classmates. We started Dating at 15… When I entered the theatrical Institute, Yegor came to support me
on one of the tours gave the lilies of the valley. I went into the audition — with white lilies…”

And then the lovers are parted — they have dissolved the Institute, where the girl spent 24 hours a day. Karina was married to another man, Yegor also married…

“Nothing good ever came of it, — says the actress. — My husband and I a few years got divorced.
Egor divorced. And now we with Egor back together. Written off in the social network, he
came to me on the set in Peter and Paul fortress. And we never parted… I Remember as a child we fought all the time, and now do not quarrel at all. Except that
argue sometimes. Egor did not believe in mysticism, but I feel that something is…
Believe in dreams, in signs of destiny”.

They together went through different difficulties. “Greg has a butcher — “Terrible
sleep vegan”. I came up with such a ridiculous name, says Carina. And here’s a cute 20-year-old
vegetarians not so long ago defeated it. They threw stones, broke glass,
freezer…. Surprised, but even to this Egor reacted with humor: “Cool
negative publicity!” I think I’m more upset, I was very sorry for
his business”.

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