Rita Dakota led the new women’s club

Рита Дакота возглавила новый женский клуб
The pregnant singer has launched her own business project.

Rita Dakota

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota, which, despite impressive time
pregnancy, continues active social and creative life, told about
his new business project: a special online club for girls.

“When my friend and I decided to start this movement,
she was extremely charitable and “karmatically”,
said Rita. We even could not imagine that hundreds of girls so much
like our idea that we have to hire the best talent,
to develop and grow, “to clothe” it’s all systematic, meticulous, but such a favorite
work. Had no idea that after
a couple of months we delivered our first box in beautiful bright office in the center
capital and the state on the wages we will have more than 8 unique professionals, and
concurrently incredible beauties!”

The singer explained that we are not talking about another school
weight loss.

“”Secret girl club”, the most girly and
vanilla of all possible dvizhuha, with the most kind and light mission — to make
you the best version of yourself inside and out, says Dakota. If
should lose 10 pounds, we throw them painlessly, if it is necessary to increase
and repainted in blonde hair — we do. If you need a psychologist to work out
childhood trauma, we sit with champagne and cry for two hours, working through… And most
cool, I think we have a real family, here girls find girlfriends and
Dolmatov, chats, graduates together we choose sandals tan online
and talk about ex’s wedding to Katya where she cried all day. It turned out
we have in the end something more than we initially planned, something big and
beautiful. And this is only the beginning…”

Rita Dakota said that the club, one of the founders
whom she is working in online mode, and the cost of membership — 1600
rubles a week.