Lora Reznikova celebrates the anniversary of the movie

Лора Резникова отмечает юбилей в кино
The actress is celebrating 10 years of the project, changed her fate.

Lora Reznikova

Photo: from the personal archives of Laura Reznikova

The series “Trace” this year celebrates
10th anniversary. Over the years it starred thousands of actors, and since 2007 he is without
breaks is on TV. Almost the only writer of this project
later became a successful actor Lora Reznikova. In her screenplays
five of the series “Trace”.

From the series “Trace”, by the way, started acting career
Reznikova. “It was in some
equally random chance, one of the Directors wanted to shoot the series in my opinion
scenario, but do not coincide according to the schedule, — she recalls. — And then he
flew the actress with the role whether it
got sick, or something happened, and in this role it was decided
try me. Took, liked and most importantly that you liked
me. I got up in the actor base and gradually began to receive different

Before cinema, Lora Reznikov was the presenter on
channel RBC-TV, but was always fond of writing. And in 2008, she graduated from
courses for scriptwriters Alexander Mitta, and on the advice of colleagues went to look for
scenario briefings, one of the places where they took place, “Telesiti”,
producer of the series “Trace”.

“Remember the cartoon
“Kitten named woof”? Him a big black cat said in the yard waiting for him
trouble. But the kitten didn’t understand what the trouble and said, “God,
someone was waiting for me!” and immediately ran into the yard. And I had also when I
was on the briefing. It was not easy because the writers are people of very
unusual brains. This is partly artists, partly programmers. But the game
seemed very interesting, and although I endured a trembling voice their ideas,
the end, five of my scripts were filmed. While offers to act in films
pulled me over in the actor’s environment,” shares Laura.