Дмитрий Шепелев боится отправлять сына в школу

Popular TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev after the death of his sweetheart and raises four year old son of Plato alone. Father is very worried about the safety of her son, but soon he will have to go to school. Father understands that they can not all the time is near son, but to limit it to not going.

Дмитрий Шепелев боится отправлять сына в школу

The presenter tries as much time to devote to the child. Now Shepelev tight schedule. The shooting of the program “actually” takes a long time TV presenter. But despite this, Dimitri manages to drive the boy to the gym and even hired him a tutor in the English language. Recently, father and son went to relax, and the photo with the rest Shepelev put up for the fans in the network Instagram.

Now Plato attends kindergarten and additional classes, but soon he will be going to school. Dad is very worried about the safety of his son, because the boy will face real difficulties. But to limit it and to protect you from these difficulties it is not going to.

“I think that in Moscow around the child can create a oasis of well-being, security. But it’s expensive. Besides, it’s pointless because sooner or later the child will be face to face with the reality that we know. Will we be able to hide the child from it? Can’t do it. Do we want to do this? Want” tells their thoughts Shepelev.

As reported by Sam broadcaster, it is very long to decide what school to go to his son. It would be a way to give Plato to home schooling, but Shepelev believes that it will not fit a boy. In the ordinary district school, he also doesn’t want to give up the son.

“The child needs to communicate a lot, he wants to communicate, he needs other children. Therefore, I believe that home education is a failure, — says Dmitry. — If I want my child went to public school, where you learn a variety of children? I’m not sure. If I want to go to a school where are only children “the white bone, blue” blood? I don’t, because this is not about life.”

Despite such beliefs, Shepelev sent his son to kindergarten, where children go from French and Israeli families. A system by which educators work with children, very like the master. “I chose a kindergarten where many children of French, Israeli families. And I see them another way to communicate, other energy. There are also cry, but it passes more peacefully. I would like to instill in your child not cheap or expensive model, and another model of communication that is open”.