Look photo! In Japan the Sakura bloomed

Смотрим фото! В Японии зацвела сакура

Centuries-old tradition called Hanami – watching cherry blossom tree, or Sakura, continues!

For years Sakura Japanese forces to postpone everything for a picnic in the rose gardens… This year is no exception.

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Sakura represents spring, renewal and new life. In Japan the flowering is considered a real treat. People take to the streets, smile, congratulate each other and, of course, take pictures in the rose garden.

It is a pity that the cherry tree blooms only 7-10 days. Then the flowers fall off and people return to normal life.

About short-lived cherry blossom legends. The most famous about the angry God of the mountains… According to history, the God of mountains offered to God by Ninigi to marry one of his two daughters. God Ninigi to Woo the younger and older called ugly. The mountain God became angry and took revenge for insulting eldest daughter, promising that the lives of the people will be beautiful, but short-lived, as the spring bloom.

Sakura, by the way, closer to the summer also pleasing to the eye inhabitants of South Korea, America and Russia. However, in these countries from this natural phenomenon does not make worship. Perhaps because the cherry tree blooms on such a scale as in Japan.

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