Vladimir Dolinsky became the victim of a curse

Владимир Долинский стал жертвой проклятия The famous actor suffered at the hands of women. Vladimir Dolinskiy was in his youth a great lover of the fairer sex, and once he paid dearly for it. The artist cast the curse.

      Владимир Долинский стал жертвой проклятия

      Vladimir Dolinsky gives the impression of a man of solid and serious, with a unique sense of humor. However, 71-year-old actor wasn’t always as happy as now. The experts show “the invisible Man” – a psychologist, a fortune teller, a magician, a shaman, a criminalist and the palmist – looked into the past of the actor and was surprised to find that his path to prosperity was not easy.

      It turns out that many of the ills of the artist came from women, whom he had a particular weakness. For example, hereditary mage novel Fad found that Dolinsky in his youth, the curse was on. Did this grandmother of one of girls, which the actor was a short-lived affair. The artist broke relations with a friend on own initiatives and paid for it for a long time in his life was a black stripe.

      Exactly how the curse was on, now it is impossible to know. However, it is clear that it influenced the personal life of Vladimir for many years. The evidence may be and the betrayal of the fourth wife of the actor. It has deprived Dolinsky any sense, he didn’t know how to continue to exist.

      “I even had thoughts to commit suicide”, – confessed the actor. The magician noticed that in the critical moment saved the invisible man again a woman. “My Natasha!”, – confirmed Dolinsky presenter of the show, Evelina Bledans, referring to his current wife. The actor could not hold back the tears: “I am slain, they know everything about me”.

      What other old wounds opened up some experts, you know, watching the show “the invisible Man” tonight at 19.00 on channel TV-3.

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