Одиночество - мука: почему звезды не спешат создавать семьи Some celebrities are so used to be alone, not in a hurry to get married. Anatoly Wasserman only dream about children, and Olga Seryabkina is looking for a strong male, which would be ready to build relationships. “StarHit” learned what it was like to live the most inveterate bachelor and bachelorette of the Russian show-business.

      Одиночество - мука: почему звезды не спешат создавать семьи

      Some Russian celebrities are in no hurry to start a family. Timur Batrutdinov jokes that don’t get married because he fears problems with being overweight. Olga Seryabkina claims that not every man is worthy to be near such a strong woman like her. Andrey Chernyshov sees no pluses in his loneliness, however, is not ready to tie my life with any pretty lady. “StarHit” learned what it was like to live the most inveterate bachelor and bachelorette of the Russian show-business.


      Timur Batrutdinov avoids relationships in order not to get fat

      Showman refers to its status as the eternal groom, as befits the resident of Comedy Club humor. “You live alone – safely,” says 38-year-old Timur. You don’t get poisoned, because you yourself culinarily, do not lie that love is evil… But most importantly – no need to hide Affairs from his wife, because she’s not!” Wonder fans of Timur hoped that participation in the third part of the project “the Bachelor” will make their idol to leave a list of eligible bachelors, – six months after the end of the project he broke off relations with his winner Daria Cananachas.

      Perhaps the reason for the fear Batrutdinova serious relationship lies in the unfortunate affair of the resident with his classmate Catherine. Then, after four years of marriage, they were going to get married, but Timur suddenly learned that his lover is cheating on him. After that, in long-term relationships Batrutdinov has not been noticed. It tells a celebrity to have sereznye novels he won’t because of unwillingness to get better. “All my married friends, once entered into the family life, got a belly!” jokes Timur. The Batrutdinov believes that his single status, there are downsides.

      Daria Kaneohe: “I did everything for the relationship and Batrutdinova”

      “The spouses of friends do not allow them to spend time with me,” the showman.– I’m afraid that will infect their holisticism”.

      Do not agree for less

      Svetlana Svetlichnaya no one was able to replace a deceased spouse

      Одиночество - мука: почему звезды не спешат создавать семьи

      Despite the fact that officially, the star of “the Diamond hand” was married twice, her only husband, celebrity had actor Vladimir Ivashov, with whom she lived in marriage for 35 years.

      “The second trip to the registry office, I think a mistake – admitted 76-year-old Svetlichnaya “StarHit”. – So, for a month moved in together, then broke up…After I have created a family because I never met the man who would be at least a little bit as good and decent a man as Vladimir.

      Despite numerous advances and proposals of marriage, Svetlana decided to stay single. “But I don’t feel abandoned and useless, it is not so, says svitlychnyi. – I have a son Alex, grandson Vladimir – they like me, come to visit… While I’m jumping and running, invite you to the shooting and festivals to think about being alone there’s no time. Today was walking down the street, meet a guy with a girl, she’s holding three bouquets of red roses. She separated one, handed it to me: “This is for talent and beauty.” Here we live such moments, rejoice”.

      Strong side

      The Olga Seryabkina need a male-dominant

      Одиночество - мука: почему звезды не спешат создавать семьи

      The soloist of the group SEREBRO dislikes when it is referred to alone. “The fact that I’m not married or in a relationship, does not mean that I worry about it,” said the 31-year-old Olga “StarHit”. – I communicate with men, just not yet found a true love. Perhaps now I have a period where serious relationships are not necessary – they don’t have time”.

      Seryabkina sees drawbacks in the fact that she had no young man. “When you’re happy and live in harmony, you don’t think about it, says star. – Fortunately, no one from the environment never hinted that I got married. Family and friends know that I am a man self-sufficient.” Seryabkina notes that to win her heart is only capable of a strong personality.

      Olga Seryabkina: “Nagiyev was impossible not to fall in love”

      “I like dominant men,” continues the singer. – And people don’t necessarily have to be older, on the contrary, younger age me even more to taste. It is important that the chosen one could make me laugh and not dependent on someone else’s opinion. Especially captivating when man careful and tender with me.”

      Life or not life?

      Andrey Chernyshov is ready to iron the clothes for the future bride

      Одиночество - мука: почему звезды не спешат создавать семьи

      In his 43 years he has never been married. Handsome prefers Actresses: at different times he had novels to Anne of Snacking, Anastasia Tsvetaeva, Svetlana Khodchenkova and others. But for how long no one in the life of a star of the TV series “Margarita Nazarova” is not delayed. “I’m all alone not out of conviction, just so happened, – admitted Andrei “StarHit”. No special pluses I do not see. What good is to come to an empty apartment where no one waiting for you?”

      Andrew notes that not start a serious relationship, not because I want to flirt with multiple girls. “It seems to me that the creation of a family – the kind of thing you cannot force, otherwise the marriage will turn out short-lived”, – confessed Chernyshov. Personal challenges of a bachelor are not confused. “Shirt can pet and for yourself, beloved,” says the celebrity. – Another conversation that is not easy to find someone who understands you. Of course, I was passionate novels, and it happened that the girl had categorically stated to me – say, you have to marry me. What can I say?.. More after these words I have not seen her”.

      Children’s surprise

      Anatoly Wasserman regrets that he did not father

      Одиночество - мука: почему звезды не спешат создавать семьи

      Journalist and publicist admits that he regrets the vow of chastity, who gave in 17 years. “Plus it’s only one,” says 63-year-old Anatoly “StarHit”, – there is no one to get nervous, when I get home late. Otherwise some disadvantages. First, nobody cancelled the physiological side of the question: it is desirable that the person had a regular sex life. Secondly, over the years I have had the desire to continue the race, but this, alas, is impossible, because I can’t be family. On the other hand, if my children would like me, I’m not sure that they would suffer the easy fate. Don’t know what exactly I lost, but, judging from the stories of good friends, I’ve missed enough – it would be worth to get upset. However, I’m not talking only about physiology but also about the family.” The most famous virgin of Russia said that to escape from loneliness, it helps socializing with friends, good books and shooting in the TV series channel STS “roof of the world”, where Anatoly himself.

      No time for boredom

      Svetlana Kamynina is saved from being alone with the help of yoga

      Одиночество - мука: почему звезды не спешат создавать семьи

      The actress, who played in the TV series “Interns” chief physician of the hospital Anastasia Kisegach, in real life, was never married. In recognition of the celebrity, in the early years she dreamed of marriage and was worried that I may not meet your soul mate. Changed everything a trip to India where she was introduced to spiritual practices. After that, the star got interested in yoga, stopped eating meat and worry about the status of a lonely woman.

      “I enjoy the freedom,” said in an interview with the 37-year-old Kamynina. And don’t look at every man that paid attention to me, as a future spouse. Yes, and from the environment no I’m not driving. On the contrary, all the family friends and acquaintances suggest to rejoice that I am under no obligation because as soon as the meeting in love and get married, currently have to forget. In the meantime, I devote time to self-development – go to exhibitions, cinema, meeting with friends.”

      The actress notes that the possible cause of her loneliness – a successful career. “The woman that all she has achieved and is able to provide for yourself, not so easy to find the satellite,” says celebrity. Probably men think of feminists and I’m afraid to meet you, fear of rejection… In any event, the girls have to choose a suitable candidate from the less fearful individuals of the stronger sex”.

      Let’s be friends!


      After the divorce with a colleague at the scene Galina impersonator for 12 years can’t meet the second half. “Lonely to be bad,” admits the 54-year-old Alexander “StarHit”. – Not to sit in an empty apartment, attend social events. When I somewhere go, I need to be next to someone. So instead of a sweetheart taking boyfriend or girlfriend”. Find love Alexander helps his daughter Darya. “It introduces me to women – continues parodist. – If you see that the candidate is not suitable, can openly declare: “Papus, this man is not yours.” Alexander and he attempts the courting the ladies: leads to restaurants, dates in parks. “But I’m giving-but accept that every meeting ends with a strong friendship…” – sighs the artist.