Алексей Воробьев пожаловался на проблемы со здоровьем The singer is now forced to wear glasses. As recognized by Alexey Vorobyov, a long time he suffered from the fact that fuzzy had seen people. This has brought a number of inconveniences during his performances in public.

      The singer and composer Alexey Vorobyov surprised their fans. The actor posted a new photo in his microblog, in the caption which said that a long time had problems with health. Due to the busy schedule of work the man could not find the time to consult with your doctor about what he should do to improve vision: buy glasses or lenses. Finally, Vorobyov was able to resolve this issue.

      “Replenishment of the ranks of the bespectacled arrived. Now you can all see through, and not only shape,” admitted Alex in his microblog.

      According to followers of the artist, the frame did not spoil the beauty of the face of the singer. Sparrows have chosen the model of glasses “Aviator”, also known as “drops”. “Alex, you. A completely different person, intelligent, “Serious”, “Sophisticated, with a deep look”, ‘Glasses you are definitely going, lend a greater solidity”, “In my opinion, cool, glasses also can decorate” – praised the artist’s fans.

      By the way, sparrows trying to regularly undergo examination the doctors. The artist had often to refer to specialists after the tragedy that happened to him in 2013 in Los Angeles. The musician is lucky to be alive, once in a car accident. Alex suffered a massive traumatic stroke. The singer had to learn to walk again. According to some publications, the young man was the damaged part of the brain.

      “I was doing MRI every year and drink products daily. It happens every few months is very bad, sometimes head aches. It is clear, I have after a massive stroke half, i.e. 50 percent of the brain is dead” – has declared to journalists Alexei.

      According to the artist, he had to go through a lot to fully recover. Still a musician sometimes get headaches. Despite these health problems, Vorobyov plays football, rides on motorcycles and cars and is at the gym. To maintain the health of the singer sometimes uses supplements and vitamins, eating healthy foods and comply with drinking regime. “Those who have learned to conquer himself, can beat anyone,” – this motto is guided by the life of Alexei Vorobyov.