Лолита обратилась за помощью к пластическому хирургу The singer will take General anesthesia for rejuvenation. The artist decided on this procedure because he understands how tired her skin is it permanent makeup and regular stress. After the intervention of an experienced specialist, the star will have to spend a long time in the walls of the house.

      Лолита обратилась за помощью к пластическому хирургу

      After the holidays, the 53-year-old singer is planning to visit the clinic of plastic surgery and laser cosmetology, Moscow’s famous expert Andrew Iskornev. Lolita long enjoyed him, befriends him, periodically consults in matters of care.

      This time the singer, taking advantage of the “window” in the intense concert schedule, he decided to make a laser resurfacing of the face is the most effective and unparalleled method to get rid of wrinkles, other skin and renew its youth.

      “Such a procedure I’ve done seven years ago, in the same clinic, with my favorite surgeon Andrew Iskornev – says “StarHit” Palladium. And here I decided to again, planning. I am constantly changing time zones, lack of sleep and makeup, this skin is tired, aging faster…

      …Laser resurfacing of the face is performed under General anesthesia, lasts about an hour while it completely removed the top layer of the dermis. To achieve the effect of only one session. After the procedure for a long time the face is recovering, so it is not recommended to go out from one week to three, will need to undergo a number of procedures. I chose a period when I have no scheduled concerts, tours. Plastic, by the way, are not going to do – Andrew said that I have a great inheritance and a very thin skin, so I don’t need that”.

      The artist regularly leads microblogging, where posts the images of everyday life. Looking at family pictures of Lolita fans agree that she looks great. However, star realizes that she must maintain their appearance in order to remain in demand.