Андрей Чуев заявил о вооруженном нападении The man said told his followers a story that happened to him and his beloved. Participant of the TV project tried to get on the yacht Arab Sheik, but instead of welcoming reception got shot in the leg. Fans of the star quickly realized that it is nothing like that in real life occurred.

      Andrey Chuev, published on his page on the social network photo with the Marina Africanoboi on the background of a large yacht, which was accompanied by detailed commentary. The man reported that during boat trips with your favorite they found a gorgeous ship. According to Chueva, they decided to meet with the owner. Climbing on the ship, they allegedly tried to make friends, but none of those present did not understand Russian speech.

      Afrikantov and Chuev fled to Dubai after the cancellation of the wedding

      Party “House-2” did not want to leave the ship, until I examine it. Sheikh, who owned the ship, did not understand what purpose Chuev and Afrikantov got on the boat. As told to Andrew, because of the language barrier he had nothing how to tell the businessman that he and Marina are the stars of the popular TV show. But even this argument had no impact on the owner of the ship. He was not being nice to uninvited guests and Chuev shot in the leg.

      “Come, I always without warning, thrown into the face of the certificate of the participant “House-2”. Team Sheikh in confusion. Trying to read. Of course, what do not understand ask in English, who we are and what. So why do I need to explain. Say: “Read the magazine “the House-2″ in October, where we on the cover, all will understand.” What kind of people, sorry? Took in the leg I was shot,” said Chuev on the page in Instagram.

      Judging by the tone of the narrative, members of the famous couple immediately guessed that with a man all right, and his life threatens nothing. Fans of the reality star came to the conclusion that if this story really happened, then Andrew wouldn’t sneer and tell in comic form about the incident. According to Chueva, after he was shot in the leg, he went back to the island to heal his wounds.

      Members were sympathetic to the joke Chueva and even began to play along with him, interested in the details of the incident. The majority of followers simply laughed at the stories of men and praised him for what he was able to cheer them on and cheer up.

      “Marina, what are you eyes the Sheikh did not build? Such a case!” “They had footage from the esters show, Andrei. Would understand that joke with you bad!”, “Marina beauty, have beauty of its dazzle. Andrew would have remained intact,” wrote commentators in the microblog stars.

      I must say that this is not the first such story. Some time ago, Chuyev told about the pirates who tried to steal the Marina, and before that, Andrew had to fight with the robbers who wanted to steal the purse of his lady.