Екатерину Вилкову раздражают манеры супруга The actress spoke about family life. In recognition of Catherine, her beloved man has a few flaws that bring it out. However Vilkova also believes that Ilya Lyubimov has a lot of advantages that outweigh its disadvantages.

      32-year-old actress Ekaterina Vilkova – the wife of a 39-year-old actor Ilya Lyubimov. Celebrities happily married and are parents of adorable kids – four-year-old Paul and two-year-old Peter. Recently a young woman gave an interview in which he told about his family life. The writer asked Vilkovo that irritates her own husband.

      “The biggest drawback of Elijah — his calmness in those situations when I’m nervous. It pisses me off. Although, when I come to, understand: if he now, too, throwing a tantrum, I probably would have died. Ilya eats terribly. After him on the floor and on the table remains the same pile of debris after the children. And I’m a big fussy and I need to everywhere was perfectly clean. Tried to fight it — it is senseless” — shared the actress.

      Vilkova also told that, if they celebrate with Ilya’s wedding day. The actress admitted that in their family it is not customary to congratulate each other a happy anniversary. Moreover, Lyubimov gives her flowers. However, Catherine does not consider this a serious shortcoming of the chosen one. According to the young woman, her beloved man is giving her much more: the star of cinema and theatre of many permits its second half. “I am unable to buy anything, anywhere to go or go. I can consult with him on any issue, but to make his own way,” says celebrity.

      We will remind that Ilya Lubimov and Ekaterina Vilkova met in 2010. When Sunny first saw future lover, he knew immediately that this girl could be his soul mate. The pair tried not to advertise their relationship, believing that happiness loves silence.

      Wedding of Ilya Lubimov and Ekaterina Vilkova took place in may 2011. At the ceremony, held in the theater “Pyotr Fomenko Workshop”, attended by relatives and friends of the couple, including their colleagues. The actors prepared a lot of pleasant surprises for the newlyweds. Celebrations on the occasion of the marriage of the lovers lasted long after midnight.

      After six years together, the actors continue to demonstrate a real idyll. Ekaterina Vilkova frankly admitted the publication “Seven days” that could put up with the shortcomings of its second half.