Лолита учит дочь выбирать будущего мужа The artist explains 16-year-old eve, what should be her choice. According to Lolita, she often puts as an example the daughter of grandma and grandpa. The heiress stars used to like “pumped princes”.

      Лолита учит дочь выбирать будущего мужа

      I guess every parent that is worried about the fate of his child, from time to time carries with it educational conversations. The exception does not become and the stars, which by virtue of their employment do not have the ability always to be near with beloved children, and try at every opportunity to gently intervene in the process of growing up. For example, Lolita at the time, felt that she needed to discuss with my daughter the issue of choosing a life partner. 16-year-old Eva is already beginning to be interested in boys, and therefore involuntarily think about the kind of person I would like to see next to each other. According to Lolita, she tried to explain to the child that next to her should be the one who will always be able to take care of her.

      “Her first, like all girls, loved pumped princes – says IBA. – And I told her all the time said that basically they are… well, very tactfully explained. Like don’t marry. I focused: look at grandpa! As he Granny bag is, you’re engaged. That should be a husband.”

      Interestingly, the relationship grandparents have become to eve example of real feelings. Observing them, she could understand how a man should treat a woman and how things must be for her support. Unfortunately, to learn by the example of their own moms and dads, the girl could not. As recently told Lolita, Alexander Tsekalo has never been involved in educating eve. Moreover, for many years he is not helping her daughter financially. About the former wife of the artist are expressed very respectful, though he recognizes that there are things, to forget that she simply can’t.

      “What, I had to run around with an axe or alimony worksheet for Sasha?! I’ve tried to establish his relationship with eve when she was five years old. Bought tickets to the circus, said: “Sasha, let’s go”. To refuse something he couldn’t, but he was utterly uninteresting. He even during the intermission, the two haven’t spent a penny. Look, I think: “Yeah what the hell do I rape it?!” Bought weight balls that eve liked, and we left. More we have not seen him, told this Site in an interview with “TV guide”. But even when we were in a very serious relationship, still when I squeezed out about Tsekalo. Now don’t squeeze. I just respect him as a creative unit. He’s a really cool guy”.

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