Альбина Джанабаева была готова расстаться с Меладзе The singer regrets the situation in which they were in the beginning of a relationship with Valeriy Meladze. She is glad that all the tests behind. Now the artist is enjoying harmony and a full family.

      Альбина Джанабаева была готова расстаться с Меладзе

      About the novel the former soloist of group “VIA gra” Albina Dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze’s been talk for many years. Only in 2014, the artist left his first wife to the mother of two illegitimate sons Bones and bows. Valery and Albina never spoken about their relationship and talked about each other in public. All the details of sovmestnie the lives of the artists were kept behind seven seals. In short, dzhanabaeva and Meladze strongly guarded their Union. According to Dzhanabaeva, after they declassified his novel, they came under a barrage of criticism and condemnation. But the singer understood the complexity of the situation and was even willing to abandon the relationship so as not to cause anyone pain. Moreover, in a short time of parting dzhanabaeva wanted to learn how to live without Valeria, but by the will of fate, he re-entered her life.

      “Our Valera relationship evolved so that sometimes it seemed to me that it is easier to stop them, interrupt. But failed…he had his own family, and if the mind to sort out all that, of course, I didn’t want one of us was badly hurt. I say this sincerely. And yourself would not wish to be in this situation. But apparently, we had to go through those trials to come to what we have today to what have become today, and to understand how we respect each other and all that we have”, – frankly said Albina.

      Now the actress is doing everything possible to save labor constructed with the happiness, the love and peace that now filled their home. Thus, Albina admits that she’s torn between chasing career achievements and education of their sons. Youngest child, Luke, now almost two years. Dzhanabaeva tries to be near him, to not repeat the situation from old son. She doesn’t want to miss the most important moments and baby’s first steps, because after birth the Bones of the artist very quickly went back to work. Albina says that once the boy was six months, went on a tour. Despite the fact that she always kept in touch with the boy, now the singer is aware of how little time was given to Costa, and even asked him for forgiveness for it.

      Albina dzhanabaeva admitted that it is very interesting to observe the development and growth of characters in her sons. According to her, he grew more quiet and thoughtful child, while the younger had already manifested its own characteristics. “I think your perception of the world he had a copy of Valera, joyful, kind and soft. And Joker: the morning begins to run, make noise – such a little monkey,” said Albina, in an interview with the magazine “OK”.

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