Lolita responded harshly to criticism of “ugly bodies”

Лолита жестко ответила на критику «безобразных телес» The singer commented on the publication of Lena Miro, in which she allowed herself extremely unpleasant to speak about her sheer jumpsuit at the recital of Grigory Leps. The ironic appeal of the Lolita is a popular user LJ has become one of the most cited in the Network.
Лолита жестко ответила на критику «безобразных телес»

Baku has recently hosted the closing ceremony of the festival “Heat”. One of the participants of the Grand event was Lolita, whose transparent body suit has provoked heated debate on the Network. Many Internet users were so impressed by the spectacular image of a celebrity that he dedicated to her a large number fotozhab. Among those who decided to speak out about the performance of Lolita, was infamous blogger Lena Miro. A woman dedicated post Milavskaya, which harshly criticized her behavior.

Lolita in transparent tights ridiculed by making the heroine fotozhab

“Answer my question: why fat age women are so drawn to show their ugly bodies? Recently Lolita appeared in public in costume “I’m a freak”. Why did she do it? For the sake of PR? To somehow attract all of the lost – focus? Well, let’s say, drew,” wrote Miro in LJ.

Lolita got acquainted with the publication of the blogger and decided to comment on it in Instagram. While in Svetlogorsk on tour, the singer has recorded a tongue-in-cheek video message to his opponent. “You think I’m doing? I try to position myself “In the coffin”, because the other option I have, only to die and all. Everything is quite simple,” said the actress, adding that about her unflattering spoke of “a kind of Lena Miro”.

Лолита жестко ответила на критику «безобразных телес»“Of course, is a tragedy. A great tragedy in my life. But what to do? She’s from the country I’m from the province. She wants to live in Moscow, well, let him live his health. Dear Helen, thank you for the forgotten and useless singer you’ve made me popular. I’m happy,” shared Lo.

The singer also noticed that critical reviews about famous people “trick is not new.” IBA believes that the best way to become famous. According to Lolita, she does not inventive in their insults. “Maybe you have a higher education, but lexiconic it is very scarce and is repeated. I’m on the Internet found your blogs, one is enough to see to understand what you represent,” added the star.

IBA hinted that the reason for such negative attitudes Miro women with curvaceous lies in the fact that the problems with personal life.

“In General, thin – very angry. We, plump, all married and we have sex. Apparently, you have not been. Because a woman that has sex and a man to love wearing her, not allow himself to attacks on prominent people – my colleagues and, in particular, Alla,” – said the singer.

According to Lolita, when her close friend decided to capitalize on the Diva. Then buddy Milavskaya allowed himself a caustic remarks about Pugacheva. But his essay angered fans of the famous artist.

Лолита жестко ответила на критику «безобразных телес»“He was shaved bald fans of Alla. So dear Lena Miro, I will come to you with the epilator. Well, you lived with the oligarch, and know that hair is normal for girls capital. So can I proability your tongue? And again, thank you for returning to me the glory” – with these words she turned to the infamous blogger.

By the way, after the resonant speech of the famous singer in Baku, Internet users started to look for suits similar to the one in which she came on the scene. As it turned out, the Network can order a copy of a transparent jumpsuit with free shipping straight from China. The cost of the costume as a Lolita – only 890 rubles.