The wife of Casey Affleck filed for divorce

Жена Кейси Аффлека подала на развод

Summer Fennix, sister of Joaquin Phoenix and the late river Phoenix, the wife of the younger brother of Ben Affleck and the winner of the “Oscar” for best actor in the movie 2017 “Manchester by the sea”, has officially filed for divorce a year after separation.

Actress and model explained that they broke up because of a serious COP and disagreements that have long been lead to reconciliation. But in the press there are rumors that the owner of awards “Oscar” allowed himself dalliances that could affect the decision of the couple. In the application for dissolution of marriage Phoenix pointed out the request for joint physical and legal custody of the children. As the actress demanded financial support from her husband.

The Foundation of a decision on divorce, the wife of the actor was laid in March last year, when the couple decided to live separately and to understand their feelings. A husband and wife trying to sort out their relationship. The couple even hired a psychologist, who was to assist them in resolving disputes — according to a friend of summer. But going to a specialist are unable to solve the problems of the spouses, because Casey allowed himself to novels on set with the other girls. Phoenix complained to her friends that for such behavior Affleck, she just can’t trust him.

The couple met in 1995 on set of Comedy film Director Gus van Sant’s “something worth dying For”, where Casey worked with the brother of actress Joaquin Phoenix. At the time of their acquaintance that summer was seeing another man. Casey shared with the brother of the actress about his attraction to Phoenix, to which Joaquin replied, “don’t worry about this guy”. Their tempestuous affair lasted 16 years. Casey Affleck and summer Phoenix have lived in married 10 years in 2006. Together they raised and will continue out of wedlock, two sons — 13-year-old Indiana and 9-year-old Atticus.