Lolita dispelled rumors about the diagnosis of the child

Лолита Милявская развеяла слухи о диагнозе ребенка The singer is outraged by the incorrect information regarding her family. Lolita decided to refute the data being discussed in the press on the background of the recent resonant events. The star said that her heiress Eva does not suffer from autism.

This weekend, Lolita learned that she was denied entry to the territory of Ukraine. As a result, the artist was unable to meet with their loved ones, especially his mother, Alla Dmitrievna and 17-year-old daughter eve. The star was outraged by the situation and said he will sue for the right to meet with relatives.

Lolita is not allowed to sick daughter

The scandal at the center of which was Lolita, caused a strong public resonance. In this regard, the Network appeared the publication in which it was alleged that the daughter of the stars autism. Celebrity gave to understand that it is unpleasant kind of speculation, because they are not true. Lolita rushed to dot the “i”.

“My daughter live, and it has not started this in an adult… She’s not “Glasurit” because she’s not interested. She is a true bespectacled books and the computer, history of theater and circus. Here are the main preferences. She has no need to reach the society through social networks, and I don’t really want… I Have a normal child, not Einstein. She can’t pull in society, it is older inside, and it’s already forgiveness and empathy. These are the qualities again, it will not give genetics”, – shared the singer.

Lolita also thanked for the support of caring people. “Thank you! I once again steadfast in the faith that normal people more, they understand everything about the current life and does not cease to sow the good… So the world will be! In all senses,” said the singer.

The singer added that after the last post in social networks, many have apologized to her and fixed the publications, which were written incorrect information affecting eve. “My daughter never had autism! Some jerk posted her name on the website children with this disease,” wrote the earlier star.

In addition, the celebrity has shared his thoughts about where did such rumors. When the daughter of the star was very young, Lolita gave an interview in which he talked about the deception of dishonest medical professionals. They tried to put the Eva diagnosis.

“One of the great Russian scientists, Professor Petrukhin Andrey Sergeevich, specialist for autism, gave his opinion many years ago. This spring, met we on vacation, he reiterated that he was surprised to see eve in those lists!” – said the singer.