Evgeny Smirnov teaches dance to special children

Евгений Смирнов учит танцам особенных детей The young man decided to help the kids. After a car accident in which Evgeny Smirnov lost a leg, did not leave a favorite thing. Now he intends to convey knowledge to children with the limited possibilities of health.

Evgeny Smirnov became famous thanks to participation in such projects as “DANCING” on TNT, “Minute of fame” on the First channel, and also the appearance in the video Nargiz Zakirova and Maxim Fadeev for the song “Together”. For the audience was a real surprise that a young man who lost his leg in a terrible accident, can give odds to any dancer. Eugene decided to help children, who are also faced with health problems to give them the opportunity to be realized in the work. Evgeny Smirnov has refused participation in show “Minute of fame” after the scandal with the jury

This idea, Smirnov caught fire two years ago – he visited different cities of Russia, to understand how his idea will be interesting for the guys. Dancer arranged workshops, where invited children with disabilities and was pleasantly surprised when many were interested in his classes.

“I wanted to understand whether dance lessons with a special interest in children, whether it is, and if so, how difficult will it be to do, are the children mentally. After the trip I realized that the demand for such classes is. And children are so fond of dancing that they just don’t stop,” admitted Eugene.

Then he realized that he need to act in Krasnodar Evgeny opened the first inclusive dance school. Now his classes are attended 32 children. Smirnov glad to see the classes and ordinary kids who have no health problems. However, the young man does not permit parents to be present in the classroom. He said that some moms and dads are too strict with children, so babies it is easier to open up in front of their peers.

“I was an unruly child, he couldn’t handle the parents. But after seven lessons he had suddenly become attentive and tried to do everything as asked the teacher”, – said Smirnov in an interview with “Izvestia”.

Now Eugene is ready to expand the project and to open similar schools in different cities of Russia. He hoped that the children will also be available vocal lessons and other creative disciplines, to fully develop the guys. He believes that some kids are not always able to go regular classes.