Lolita calls on Russians to donate money for the repair

Лолита призывает жертвовать россиян деньги на капремонт

Lolita, behind which are a few years of wrestling with utilities, will soon be helping others to improve their living conditions.

The other day it was revealed that the ex-participant of “Cabaret Duo “the Academy” intends to establish a charitable account where everyone can donate the amount of money. In the future, these funds will be spent on improving the living conditions of needy or low-income families.

Anyone who says a singer can write her to tell her about their problems. IBA, in turn, undertakes to support such people financially, having transferred them the funds. The singer also said that her campaign will be of a public nature — she is going to talk openly about their charitable activities.

While the artist is only going to implement his plan in life.

We will remind, last Friday, the Lo stated that she had gone from her husband. According to the singer, who made this sensational news on TV, Dmitry she cheated on the man who starred in my video.

Well, that news was an April fool’s joke Lola, which, however, occurred in all the domestic media.


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