DiCaprio banned from entering Indonesia for the love of elephants

Ди Каприо запретят въезд в Индонезию из-за любви к слонам

Visit Leo as a goodwill Ambassador of the UN in the national Park “Gunung laser” turned into a scandal…

The stumbling block actor and part-time goodwill Ambassador of the UN with pravitelstvom steel Indonesia palm oil plantations the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Or rather invade them for profit of the state, which, in turn, leads to the extinction of Sumatran elephants…

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“The ecosystem of lowland tropical rainforest Park “Gunung laser” is considered one of the best habitats for the endangered elephants of Sumatra, said Leonardo Di Caprio in his microblog. – In these forests ancient migration routes through the jungle are still used by some of the last herds of elephants. But the expansion of plantations of palm oil passes through these paths, destroys them and creates difficulties for the elephants access to food sources and water. My Foundation will support local partners in establishing and sustaining the unique ecosystem of the Park, which is actually the last place on Earth, because of the presence of Sumatran orangutans, tigers, rhinos, elephants and other animals”.

Also, the actor invited his fans to sign a petition asking the authorities of Indonesia to prohibit the entry of workers to the Park for the production of palm oil.

But it seems that the Indonesian authorities will prohibit entry into the Park (as well as in your country!) not working, and Di Caprio!

“If any statement discredits the government and the interests of Indonesia, then the person who made it, may be deported, said in response to the message, the actor’s representatives of Indonesia. – DiCaprio is in Indonesia on a tourist visa… If he is here carrying out activities that violate public order, the immigration service prepared to deport him.”

Fortunately, to deport Leo didn’t have to. He left their country itself. Moreover, immediately after the call wrote. Coincidence or planned move is unknown.

In any case, now the star of “Vyrivska” will have to be very careful, there is a possibility that more to Indonesia it may not be allowed.

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