Живая легенда: Мелани из "Унесенных ветром" — 100 лет!
Olivia de Havilland is the only one of the cast of the legendary film who are still with us.

Живая легенда: Мелани из "Унесенных ветром" — 100 лет!

Olivia de Havilland

Olivia de
Havilland had an unusual fate. After all, she was the movie star that shone in the 30-ies
the last century, who worked on the same set together with the legends of Hollywood — Errol
Flynn, Clark Gable and other titans. While she had to live up to
today! After the death of actress Alicia Rhett in 2014, Olivia was the eldest of
living Actresses who were once in “Gone with the wind. But this was not the first
the role of de Havilland, prior to that, she managed to play a dozen other projects!

Olivia, although she became a star of American cinema, was born far away from Los Angeles in Japan. It
parents Lillian Augusta Ryuz and Walter De Havilland was found in the land of the Rising Sun and fell in love with each other. When the future star was just three years old, Lillian convinced
husband to move to America, because Olivia and her younger sister Joan
continuously ill in a humid island climate. However, shortly after moving
family in America Walter left the family and fled back to Tokyo to his housekeeper-the Japanese
which later became his second wife.

school education in California, Olivia won a scholarship, enabling
to go to College. She soon debuted on the stage in Shakespeare’s play “the Dream
in summer night”. She was then only 18 years old. And just a year later she got
role in his first movie “Alibi IKE”.

During his long career she played
in more than sixty films. Among them — “the adventures of Robin hood”(1938),
The heiress (1949), “hush, Hush, sweet Charlotte” (1964). But, of course, the most famous
project de Havilland was the masterpiece of Director Victor Fleming’s “gone with the wind”, which she got
the role of Melanie Hamilton,
wife of Ashley Wilkes and the complete opposite of Scarlett. Among the numerous awards Actresses there and the first prize of the Venice film festival and two Golden Globe” and
two “Oscars”. His last role in the TV movie “the Woman he loved.”
Olivia played in 1988, when she was 72 years old.

As for
personal life de Havilland, it was very stormy. Olivia survived the loud novels with Director John
Houston, actor James Stewart and producer Howard Hughes. And married
she was twice the writer Marcus Goodrichm, who became the father of her son Benjamin
and journalist Pierre Galante, with whom she had a daughter Giselle.

In the history of world cinema, there are probably only one actor caught the change of such number of epochs: our compatriot Vladimir Zeldin, which this year celebrated its 101 birthday. And the most important movie survivor is a Portuguese film Director Manoel de Oliveira: he died last year at the age of 106 years, and his last film was released after the death of the master.

Olivia de Havilland Clark Gable in the film gone with the wind

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