Бывшая и нынешняя жены Марата Башарова: столкновение неизбежно
Catherine Arkharov and a pregnant Elizabeth Shevarkov was found on the red carpet of the closing Ceremony of the festival.

Бывшая и нынешняя жены Марата Башарова: столкновение неизбежно

Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevarkov at the closing MIFF

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Catherine Arkharov and Nikita Mikhalkov at the closing MIFF

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS

Even before yesterday’s closing ceremony of the festival was known that
one red carpet will meet former and current wife Marat Basharova. And
journalists, and fans of the artists was waiting for this meeting, suggesting that it may
to be a scandal or a small fight. In the end, Catherine and Marat
Elizabeth just ignored each other, quietly posing for photographers and
smiling as if nothing had happened.

By the way, Ekaterina arkharova looked amazing. For
the ceremony she chose a dress of Navy blue. But the current passion
Basharova Elisabeth red carpet, chose black dress casual
(the girl is in her last month of pregnancy and ready to give to a Marat
the long-awaited son).

Interestingly, exactly a year ago Basharov went to red
track MIFF with his ex-wife Catherine Ancharovoj. At that time
the two stars were married and received congratulations from famous friends. As
you know, this marriage was short-lived. Basharov and Arkharov divorced after
became aware of the fact that the actor beat his wife. However, this scandal already
forgotten… Basharov again accepts congratulations, now with the upcoming

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