Little daughter Victoria Raydos grows its copy

Маленькая дочь Виктории Райдос растет ее копией The winner of the 16th season of “the Battle of psychics” published a photo of the heiress. Many fans of the famous witches acknowledged that the baby is incredibly similar to his mother. Victoria herself Raydos proud of her daughter and never misses a chance to confess her love on his page in the social network.

      Маленькая дочь Виктории Райдос растет ее копией

      The winner of the 16th season of the project “Battle of psychics” Victoria Raydos has always been a fairly closed person. The famous witch, who used to call herself a priestess of the cult of ancestors, is very reluctant about the family and loved ones, explaining that the desire to protect them from enemies. Recently, however, the star of the acclaimed project on TNT increasingly began to share details of their lives. For example, on the pages of the psychic in social networks it is now possible to see fragments of her everyday life, and a family photo with her beloved husband Vasily Boikova, pictures and charming girls.

      It pictures of babies the barbarians are gaining the highest number of likes and comments in the Network. The girl is loved by many fans Raydos, who never miss a chance to note how much the baby looks like her famous mother. Little Varvara is growing very modest and educated girl is not Hamming for the camera, but only smiles shyly almost all the photographs, charming the users of social networks.

      Маленькая дочь Виктории Райдос растет ее копией

      Daughter Victoria is a real delight and tenderness of the subscribers, which is undoubtedly nice to hear the winner of “Battle of psychics”. Raydos boasts a favourite child and regularly reports that for her in this world no one is dearer and more important. On an emotional publication of the witch fans very quick to respond and stress that the barbarian girl will definitely grow up into a real beauty.

      Маленькая дочь Виктории Райдос растет ее копией

      The happiness of motherhood Victoria Raydos has known only relatively recently. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the psychic admitted that for a long time she and her husband did not create the family because they were trying to figure out their own lives and solve all the problems of the past. Victoria Raydos: “After what happened in my life, hurt me no more

      “Deep to put in my family I don’t want to. With my husband we met through my girlfriend. But before to build some kind of relationship, it took us time to address issues related to the lives of each individual, ” explained Victoria. – It was not easy. He took my powers at once, but first they pass over it lightly. Or rather didn’t understand how serious this is in my life. As soon as he realized the extent of the presence of magic in my life, it’s getting harder to accept it, but at the same time it has strengthened our relationship and heightened love.”

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