Alexander Domogarov was in the hospital with a suspected stroke

Александр Домогаров попал в больницу с подозрением на инсульт Recently the actor was hospitalized. In the near future doctors will set, for whatever reason, the artist felt bad during the performance. The representatives of Alexander Domogarova in no hurry to comment on the situation and, like thousands of his fans, we are waiting for information from doctors.

      Александр Домогаров попал в больницу с подозрением на инсульт

      Popular actor Alexander Domogarov was hospitalized in a Moscow clinic. As reported, the artist became ill three days ago, on may 14. He was on the view, when suddenly he felt unwell. Ambulance Domogarova was hospitalized with a suspected ischemic stroke.

      After he was in the hospital, doctors performed a full examination of him. But the next day it was decided to transfer to the locked ward for further observation. Fans of the 52-year-old actor worried about the state of health of Domogarova. The doctors are doing everything possible to as soon as possible to restore health to the popular favorite.

      Recall that three years ago, due to strong nervous tension, the actor had problems with health. Once in one of the Newspapers had published the facts, which, in the opinion of the artist, had nothing to do with reality, he became deaf in one ear.

      As reports the edition Life, representatives of the actor did not comment on his condition.

      Not so long ago Alexander Domogarov lost a loved one. His lover was suffering from a malignant disease of the lymphatic system. For a long time Larisa Chernikova struggled with illness. The disease would retreat, giving hope for recovery, then back again. Complications from cancer has led to the fact that Larisa had a heart attack. After this mistress of the famous actor introduced into an artificial coma. The doctors did their best and fought to the last for life Chernikova. But, unfortunately, to save her failed. In October of last year she passed away.

      After this tragedy, Alexander Domogarov could not recover and come to terms with the loss of a beloved woman. “It is very hard to realize that Larissa is no more. But, you know, right now the support does not need me, and friends of Larissa, her parents. The bright memory”, – shared after the loss of a beloved actor. He regretted that he couldn’t save Larissa. He also wanted to continue the fight with relatives of the girl. The conflict between close Chernikova and Domogarova broke out due to the fact that the actor accused the sister of his lover, the one that supposedly raises money for the treatment of Larisa, and in fact appropriates the funds themselves.

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