Лиза Пригожина повеселилась на девичнике The successor of the famous producer was performed to study abroad. Next year Lisa will graduate from the 12th grade in the Swiss school and go to University. Close friends are really proud of the girls achievements and wished her a good school year.

      Very soon will begin the new school year, so 17-year-old Lisa Prigogine soon returned to Switzerland, where she receives education in an international boarding school College Du Leman. This year it passed in the 12th class. After secondary school she is planning to go to University abroad, most likely in the United States. The family of Lisa supports her. Before leaving, the successor of the famous producer her mother Leila Fattakhova, Valeria Anna Shulgin staged in honor of the future graduates bachelorette party at one of the restaurants in the centre of Moscow.

      “A bachelorette party. Bid farewell to our Lizochka. The holidays are over”, — said Valeriy in his “Instagram”. “A lovely warm summer evening,” said Leila Fattakhova. In turn, Anna Shulgin was delighted not only on the company, but also from music. “Night romance under jazz”, — said the girl in his microblog.

      Members Valerie wished her happy family every success. “Well done”, “it is Great that you communicate so well with each other” “What you all are clever and beautiful”, “I Wish you happiness!”, “Let a smile never comes off your face”, “Be happy and healthy,” wrote the followers of the artist in the comments to the publication.

      Valeria also admitted in his microblog that he is proud of the success of Lisa Prigoginei. Modest and intelligent girl is planning in the future to follow in the footsteps of famous dad and become a producer on the TV. To start a career Lisa would abroad, as there are no one knows her name. Prigogine sure to achieve something on their own is much more interesting than to use the help of loved ones.

      “Lisa is our pride and beauty. So nice to be proud of the children and rejoice in their successes! With Lisino purpose she just ensured success in life. Good school year to you, our girl!” congratulated Valery heir Prigogine in social networks.

      Followers of the actress wished the heirs of Prigogine and Valeria all the best. “Dear Valeria, I sincerely wish a happy, easy and successful year to all your children. Let them all will make it, and you — a good and a successful season of tours!”, — wrote one of podeschi celebrity.

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