Лиза Пескова поведала о жуткой травле во французском интернате The girl told about the difficult period in life. The daughter of Dmitry Peskov Lisa spent a few years abroad. She remembered the reason she had to endure the ridicule of their peers.
Лиза Пескова поведала о жуткой травле во французском интернате

The daughter of Dmitry Peskov Lisa is one of the most popular girls on Instagram. For the life of the heiress to the press Secretary of the President of Russia is watched by tens of thousands of subscribers in the social network. Many admire her beauty and refined taste, and some people think sand style icon. Lisa is very honest with the followers – she admitted that several years ago she had to endure the ridicule and bullying peers. She said that the reason for this was her appearance. In adolescence Peskov was suffering from acne.

“In a boarding school in France have openly mocked me. Like in the movies, I, cowering, passed by a narrow school hallway, pausing to answer the question: “God, what on your face?” I shared a room with four very “open” girls, so this morning I got up a half hour before lifting to smeared Foundation while everyone is asleep, and in the evening, waited until everyone was asleep to go wash off the makeup or did it first and not get down from the second floor of the bed. Sometimes he had to sleep with 10 layers of plaster,” admitted Lisa.

For four years she struggled with problem skin. She went to the dermatologist to fix the situation. Fans were surprised by this revelation Lisa. Nekotoryy followers, also, have problems with acne. “Is there any photos from those times? And why is acne such a shame? It seems okay, it’s temporary, one who does not understand, let them fly to hell”, “Damn it, I understand, too, why not just drink and as soon as not treated, then released for a couple of years, now also pours, but not like before,” “You’re a big boy, did it,” wrote netizens.

Lisa admitted that she sometimes have to deal with rashes on the skin. Despite this, she is confident and never felt the lack of attention of young people. Peskov admits that she has some imperfections, which she cleverly conceal with makeup. Lisa Peskov: “My skin was drying up the blood”

“I have the bumps on the skin, like a mini-dents, barely noticeable and tone is uneven. I generally laser had to walk a couple of times, but I have now decided carbon peel to try for leveling up tone!” – the girl admitted.