Как выбрать карманные часы для мужчины

In today’s world watches have long been not just an accessory. They are a measure of success and high status of their owner. That is why the choice of hours is quite a serious matter. Now the buyer is provided a wide selection of products, and the choice is quite difficult to do. However, if you know a few key parameters that are worth paying attention to, you can simplify this process.

Selection criteria hours.

First thing you need to be sure that you buy original merchandise. To prevent forgery, it is best to shop at trusted stores. For example, the site realwatch where you will find a long list of products at affordable prices.
When you have decided on the store, it’s time to choose the product itself. First and foremost, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Mechanism;
  • Material;
  • Bracelet;
  • Brands;

If you choose to buy quality watches, they can last you a very long time. It is therefore not necessary to pass by the famous brands. For example, you can buy the Omega watches and be sure that I made the right choice.
The mechanism is one of the key elements. For buyers available electronic, quartz and mechanical watches. Additionally, mechanical watches are divided into hours with automatic and manual winding.
Mechanical watches are a classic option, but they have the disadvantage. Compared with quartz, they have a higher chance to deviate and show not the exact time. In a quartz watch a battery instead of a spring. That is why failures occur much less frequently.
There is another difference between quartz and mechanical watches is the price. Mechanical watches are usually more as are assembled manually.

How to determine the style.

Before buying hours, it is crucial to decide on their style. For example, if you often wear the classics, work in the office, you will approach elegant models with leather or metal bracelets. You should pay attention to the clock with clean lines, neat design and a calm color scheme. It will be good, if the shoes and the watch strap will match in color, however, you will not regret if choose a classic watch with a metal bracelet.
If you are a fan of sports style, you’ll watch with unusual design and additional features. It is best to pay attention to models who have a masculine appearance and are quite massive. You will not be difficult to choose models that have an unusual shape, design or color. To sum up, they should not be like a standard watch. Thus, you can easily pay attention to themselves and stand out from the crowd.